The tıp of the jaw ıs one of the most ımportant structures formıng the face profıle, that ıs why must be proportıonate wıth the others parts of the face. In some patients, jaw aesthetics is required to be added to evaluate the ratios of the lower face, the middle face, and the upper face, to determine the points that we call the pivot points, and to make them perfect.

When jaw aesthetics combined with rhinoplasty, we call ıt profiloplasty. It can reveal an incredible change in the patient’s face, particularly in the profile view. The evaluation of the jaw-nose-lip angle in the profile view, how much improvement can we manage on the way to an ideal-fit, how much backward movement is needed in a protruding jaw, or how much forward movement is needed in a receding jaw can be determined with very precise measurements and drawings.

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