Contribution of lips to facial beauty

The lips are the most sensual and attractıve point of our face. The shape of your lips is said to reveal about the sensual side of yours which even you might be unaware of. Since time immemorial women have painted their lips to accentuate this effect. But, it is important to emphasize, our lips are particularly vulnerable to showing signs of age.  As people get older the lips become thin and small and sagging, covering the upper row of teeth and laying bare the lower row. This often leads to the corners of our mouths drooping down in a permanent frown, the upper lip losing its distinctive Cupid’s Bow and our lips losing their fullness and definition.

What can be done with cosmetic lip surgery?

Cosmetic lip surgery is applied to people with genetically thin lips, thinning lips as a result of tissue loss due to ageing and people who wish to have thicker, fuller, younger looking and much more attractive lips.  Aside from the above, cosmetic lip surgery can be applied to reduce the thickness or size of the lips.

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