Prominent Ear Surgery

Our ear is an organ that can affects ours external appearance, and has aesthetic value and also functional importance. In the ear, a variety of formal disorders, including no congenital development may occur. For example, the promınent ear that is caused by the lack of, or malformation of, cartilage during intrauterine development and may be unilateral or bilateral.  The result is an external ear anatomy with thin skin and resilient cartilage with abnormal helical folds and/or that grows laterally or outward.

So, ıt’s ımportant to you know that ear development develops 98% of its development at 5-6 years of age. It’s better to do a promınent ear surgery preschool period in this age group. The reason for this is to prevent the social trauma of children by their friends at school and to prevent the loss of self-confidence of the child, it is recommended to perform an operation at an early age.

Dr. Belma Kapili offers this type of service and we are available to answer any questions related to the process. You have just to contact us.