Regional Slimming izmit

It is a method which is called Region Slimming in order to reduce fat accumulated in the body. Body structures are different, genetic and environmental factors cause changes and deformations in the body in time. Life styles, eating and drinking habits, the way of work are the factors that cause regional fat deposition. Fat accumulated in certain areas in the body sometimes cannot be removed from the body through sports and diet, therefore, this application is known as Regional Slimming is aimed to have a nice body.

There are many medical aesthetic methods used for regional slimming, in this article we will explain to you one of them:

Lymphatic Drainage and Infrared Therapy

This application can improve the functioning of the lymph that drains the waste out of the body and boosts the metabolism. While the heat relaxes your bones, you get rid of toxins through sweating. The accelerated functioning of the lymph is a major factor in weight loss, and also accelerates your blood circulation.