Izmit Breast Augmentation

Overview of Surgery

• Applied Surgical Intervention: Beautification of sizes and shapes of their breasts with breast prosthesis in various types.
• Duration of surgery: 45 minutes -2 hours
• Anesthesia conditions: General anesthesia
• Hospital stay: Generally no needed, 0-1 day
• Possible discomforts: Temporary discomfort, swelling, temporary decrease in sensation of nipple Touch-tenderness in breasts for a couple of weeks
• Possible Risks: Formation of a hard case around prosthesis inside breast (capsular contracture), general surgical risks such as bleeding and infection, increase or decrease in tenderness of nipple, necessity of a radiologist experienced in its field in the following mammography housing.

Recovery period:
• Back to work: 1-3 days
• Physical contact in breasts: 2-3 weeks (athlete bras without underwired feature are used)
• Fading of scars: 2-4 Months