Izmit Breast Reduction Aesthetics

Breast Reduction  

Enlarged breasts not compatible with body sizes may occur as a result of genetic factors, hormonal changes or some diseases. Existing problem may even get worse with the effects of weight changes, breastfeeding and gravity. Aesthetic breast reduction surgery is reconstructive surgery. Larger breasts more than usual may lead to some discomforts in women. It may lead to back and neck pain and kyphosis in women. Numbness may occur due to pressure of bra towards arm nerves. Difficulty may arise in breathing. Daily physical activity can be restricted. It may lead to psychological problems in women. A surgery to be applied for the purpose of breast reduction gives a natural appearance to the breasts and facilitates life of a person.

In breast reduction surgery, excess skin, fat tissue and breast tissue are removed and breast is lifted and natural fullness look is gained. In aesthetic breast reduction surgery, larger breast tissue is re-shaped according to body size of a person. Excess breast tissue and skin over it are removed. Nipple of breast is moved to where it should be. Surgery is performed in an operating theatre under hospital conditions with anesthesia. Surgery lasts 2.5 – 4 hours. Whichever method is implemented, small scar remains around nipple.