Izmit Chest Aesthetics

Breast Augmentation 

Breasts may be structurally small for various reasons. One of them may be smaller or asymmetric or may never be congenitally. In case of size difference between two breasts (asymmetry), breast augmentation surgery is performed for making both breasts in equal sizes or increasing its volume.

Generally silicone based breast prostheses are used for restoring breasts to desired size. Silicone prostheses may be in different types as to the properties of outer capsules and their sizes and contents. What type of prosthesis is to be used is determined by considering examination findings and expectations of a person. If the patient to whom prosthesis will be placed is over 40 years of age, radiological examinations are conducted called mammography and ultrasonography, if necessary, before surgery. Each surgery has its own general or specific risks. Edema and pain after surgery are complaints after surgery. Bleeding and infection depending on surgery are rarely encountered cases.

After type of prosthesis is determined, breast is augmented by placing prosthesis inserted from breast lower curve area, nipple perimeter or arm pit to breast tissue or pectoral muscle. If sagging is in question in breasts and if it cannot be fixed with prosthesis alone, breast lifting procedure can be applied at the same time.